The top biggest casino resorts in the world

Right across the world, casinos have become a major tourist attraction and to some is a preferred activity than others. It offers a great deal of entertainment and making money whilst playing a game, a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to win a couple thousand in the matter of one game or a few hours on the slots?

Since it is the ultimate attraction to hit the spot, people on holiday want to visit the biggest and very best casinos in the world. Some even plan their holiday around these casino’s, with an added resort to compliment.

  • The Venetian Macao

A casino that is top of its range, residing in the beautiful city of Macao, Las Vegas. This casino was built by the known gambling Mecca, previously the Portuguese colony. They are responsible for building some of the worlds biggest and grandest casinos, some paired with the most luxurious of resorts. Just by looking at its gold-like appearance, it will seem as though money speaks to you.  It houses 3000 all-suite rooms, 3000+ slot machines, 30 restaurants and canals that was inspired by the idea of gambling on the water in Venice. It also has 750 gaming tables. This enigma costs a splendid $2.4 billion to construct. It also serves as one of Las Vegas’ biggest attractions.


Boasting the beauty of the Paradise Island, situated in the Bahamas, the Atlantis Casino is a completed paradise. It is surrounded by the bluest of oceans and skies, much like the Atlantis fairy-tale. This resort is a Caribbean home to some of the biggest start in Poker in the world, housing every gaming table with a total of 750 slot machines. Now you can enjoy playing the game of making money while boasting at a view of paradise.


  • The Bellagio

Another big golden Las Vegas attraction, the Bellagio makes a wonderous experience, complete with fountains and the water. Costing a total of $88 million and featured in movies such as Oceans 11, this is one resort that exudes class at its best. All you need now, is a Martini.  It is also complete with the best gambling games, the most delectable restaurant food in the world and spas to sooth all the stress.


  • Sun City

The biggest, most beautiful resort in Africa when compared to Las Vegas. It definitely gives Vegas a run for its money. The only difference might be that the wildlife of Africa roams around this resort. The casino offers 850 slot machines and a total of 40 gaming tables of roulette, all the games you need and a safari between your gambling breaks. There are also beautiful accommodation surrounding the resort, known as the ‘Lost City’ hotels.


  • Marina Bay Sands

Oh Singapore… with the 2nd most expensive casino in the world, it’s the one that takes your breath away and leaves one speechless. At a cost of $5.5 billion, with a 500-foot pool on its roof, it is the biggest, grandest atrium casino in the world. Except for its lack of poker-games, it offers world class gambling games.


These casino resort offer the very best of luxury and class. It’s a breakaway from every day-to-day life and one we all most definitely need.Let’s bask in wonder.